written by Brenton Wheare

Kentish Council has approved a raft of developments sought by the Sheffield Steam and Heritage Centre, 14 Spring Street, Sheffield.

Mr Chris Martin, today announced that the Society had been successful in obtaining permission to build a new railway platform to house the restored Dulverton Railway Station. This unique building with considerable heritage value was recently acquired from private ownership and has been relocated to the Redwater Creek Railway facility in Sheffield.

Mr Martin indicated that the building itself will be restored onto the platform as part of a “Work For The Dole” project whereby young people from the local area will gain tuition and experience in basic building techniques under the supervision of the Society’s experienced construction and maintenance team.

Reference will be made to the plans and photographs of the station as it stood at Dulverton siding on the Tasmanian Government Railway line near Railton. Mr Martin vouched that “every effort will be made to retain and promote heritage values, to the extent that a local blacksmith will fabricate fittings at the site’s recently opened Bannon’s Forge at the Kentish Men’s Shed”.

Of course, every station needs a platform. That will be constructed by participants under the watchful supervision of Mr Martin who is a Civil and Structural Engineer by profession. The platform is described as an “island platform” with rail track on either side. This will enable two trains to use the existing single track with complete safety. The Redwater Creek Railway will operate its two steam engines at peak tourist season, bringing delight to many and nostalgia to some.

Economic activity at Sheffield, the “town of murals”, will be further enhanced by this development.

The Society is presently gearing up for its 26th SteamFest on March 7th, 8th and 9th which promises to surpass past events which bring over 10,000 people to the site during the three day event.

Further information can be obtained from Mr Chris Martin 0429 418 739 or chairman@sheffieldsteam.com.au
Sheffield Steam and Heritage Centre, 14 Spring Street, Sheffield.