Steam Training Weekend coming SOON – 1st,2nd & 3rd September 2017

An opportunity for accredited training in the operation of steam machinery –
with a Krauss Steam Loco as well as various steam machines.
And since 2014, a Marshall Instructional Engine

Considering coming this year? Then note that trainees need to start gaining experience throughout the year with operating steam equipment.  Our organization is heavily geared towards educating the team to safely operate the steam and heritage equipment on site



To enable the training weekend to go ahead successfully, the following will apply from 2017:
• To run the course, a minimum of 12 licences is required.
• Fewer than 12 there will be a review as to whether to proceed
• Licences cost $450 each payable to LearnPRN Pty Ltd t/as SteamTraining
• A  BS, BA or ES licence can be obtained.
• Payment in full at time of booking on invoice issued.
• On confirmation of payment we will process online enrolments.
• Note that NO refunds after enrolment will be provided if you pull out
• Other charges, food etc, will be added.
• We will issue practical check sheets and logbooks as previously.

Andrew has stated:

  • He will NOT assess anyone who has not completed the online training, the practical checklists and who has not recorded relative hours in a logbook.
  • BS/BA and ES can all be in the one logbook if it’s done on a combined machine – loco or traction engine or similar. 30-40 hours is a guideline.
  • He will NOT ASSESS anyone on the day who has not got a photocopy with them of their 100 points of ID
  • He will fail anyone who has not studied, not made any effort or who cannot complete the written assessment in the given time. NB If you have literacy issues please contact Chris ASAP


  • The RTO/assessor must request approval from WS prior to enrolling any person who is not a permanent resident of Tasmania. This approval should be in writing providing the applicants names, dates of birth and residential addresses along with the reason for the assessment.
  • If approval is given and the applicant is found competent, the RTO/assessor needs to ensure that the applicant submits his/her application for a high risk licence to Service Tasmania before leaving the State.
  • If for some reason it is not possible for the applicant to attend Service Tasmania, further approval from WS will be required to allow the applicant to obtain their high risk licence.

We do ask that people have at least about 50 hours experience on engines before sitting their tickets
If you were unable to attend in 2016 but want information about a future training weekend, or wish to register your interest, please email Chris Martin 

If you are enrolling for the course, please download and study the following documents. Note that some files are in .pdf format, if you do not have Adobe Reader download it.

Our Assessor requests that these be completed prior to the training weekend. They are left here so that you may see what is expected of you should you decide to be involved in the next training weekend.