This year’s SteamFest has surpassed our expectations in terms of the quality of the show and the public support we achieved. Once again it has been an honor to work with the community and to see everyone contribute so selflessly toward making it the huge success that it was.

While there is a long list of volunteers who assisted with putting the show on (we catered for 120 volunteers at the SteamFest BBQ) there are some who deserve special recognition for the input they have made, namely:- Marc Beach Ross for his superb effort of organizing the largest number of stalls we have ever seen at SteamFest (approx 60) and for providing the commentary for the full 3 days; Terry Dooley and Eric and Coral Howe and the extended Howe family for presenting their usual steam and tractor display and Barb Wells for her wonderful catering at the BBQ in amongst fulfilling her treasurer’s duties!

The official opening of the new 20x38m storage shed by Rebecca White MP on Saturday at SteamFest was a major milestone for the Society and allowed members of the council and funding bodies to fully experience the achievements of the society.. The excitement of dignitaries when I advised that they could ride on a traction engine for the grand parade following the plaque unveiling was priceless. Following Advance Australia Fair from the Right on Que Choir, the 2011 SteamFest was opened by Dick Adams MP.
The inaugural Tasmazia – Sheffield Festival of Music began with SteamFest’s first folk concert after the opening and this helped celebrate the occasion. The concert was a great success with the 4 performers enjoying a respectable crowd. I know the workers enjoyed the chance to unwind while partaking of some Seven Sheds brews into the evening! We look forward to working with Allen Stott from the Friday night Folk Club and the community to grow the music program next year. If you didn’t get to hear Chris, we’ve added the broadcast to the website – check out the Audio at the top of the sidebar on the right!.

We were very lucky to attract Chris Wisby to broadcast ABC Radio’s The Sunday morning program from the SteamFest site. Chris and his producer spoke highly of the enthusiasm of the exhibitors who drove their vehicles – or the bullock team – up to his stand to talk on radio every 15 minutes during the 2 hour program. We hope he comes back next year!

Dave Mickle’s Yorkshire Steam Wagon built by Hunslet and Co of Leeds in 1924 was a great attraction and it also caused huge interest when it periodically ventured into town!

Media coverage of SteamFest this year has been superb. I would like to note the work that Vicki Saunders from the Council has done with drumming up more media coverage. Kris Spencer on the organizing committee also played a major role in bringing in sponsorship prior to the event from media outlets and the business community. Good coverage on Win TV and Southern Cross News along with many newspaper articles provided fantastic publicity during the weekend.

SteamFest is a major event for the Northwest Coast. It has the potential to put the community and Sheffield firmly on the map with significant publicity spreading across the globe. We are always in need of volunteers so if you would like to find out more please browse through this website , then check out here or come along to a first weekend of the month running weekend.

Again, on behalf of the committee I thank all those who assisted with making the event a success. It is amazing what this community can do when it works together!

Chris Martin