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Open to members and potential members Thursdays and Sundays 9am -12 noon. Open to the Public first Saturday and Sunday each month (Running Days) 10am – 3pm and during Steamfest”


2024 Update on the Model Railway at Sheffield Steam & Heritage by Ros and Russell Coss                                                                 

It is with great pride and sense of achievement that the ‘lads’ at the model railway look back over the past ten years. Starting in 2014 with an incomplete area at the back of a large shed and with donations of wood & $500 from Sheffield Steam & Heritage for track. Noel Bass & Russell Coss during the six years 2014 to 2020 built the basis for what is now an inspiring layout.

There were two reasons the ‘lads’ wanted to build an interesting layout. One was for the benefit of men who had retired or had an interest. ‘The one day’ when they were going to build a layout didn’t eventuate but they had accumulated locomotives & rolling stock. Secondly as an added display for SteamFest. That is why it is built with a viewing window & stand for an overall view.

Looking a very expensive set up, it comes at a surprise to visitors that the layout’s scenery was made from foam packing from fridges etc, paper mache, wire & plaster. Painted with paints from a $2 shop. Trees and shrubbery made from foam, coloured and blended to make foliage and bark forms a cliff. The painting of scenery on the walls completes the view in line with being the Town of Murals. ‘I can’t paint’ was heard – ‘you can always paint over what you don’t like’ was replied.

A gift of ON30 and N gauge engines, wagons and carriages led to the additions of a track around the ceiling, with a ‘big black button’ for the kids to press to start. The building of the N gauge between the HO layout & the ceiling was inspired by those with an N gauge interest.

Since the early days, David, Wayne, Steve, Ted, Mark, Joe, Dean etc have contributed in many ways. Expanding the scenery in the back room & adding digital controllers & rewiring HO for more flexible running. Updating all the time to make the model railway truly special.

Many thanks to ‘The Hub’ for their generous donation for the controllers.

For enquiries contact Russell 0467 008 531 or David 0499 897 989 or Wayne 0455 381 434

If you haven’t visited for a while, come and see – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


2020 Update on the Model Railway at Sheffield Steam & Heritage Centre by Russell Coss

This year is the 6th year that the model railway operated over SteamFest. Emphasis from 2014 was and still is – to give to the community. This was achieved in many ways, by adding another quality attraction to see at SteamFest, being a part of the running weekends and a place for model railway enthusiasts to go twice a week every week.

In 2014 the model railway first ran on a skeleton layout, even then the grand plan could be appreciated. The group has been formed by people who have collected model railway paraphernalia with the thought that ‘one day ‘they might build their own layout. This group allows them to meet, exchange ideas, learn new skills and run their own locomotives, carriages & wagons on a quality layout they helped build.

From donations of HO, N and On30 gauge the members have built three layouts and added a fourth being HO digital, making maximum use of what appears to be a small area. As part of Redwater Creek (as it was previously known) the building was part of the ‘work for the dole” scheme. The model railway area was completed by three members. As to the layout, it was built from financial contributions from Sheffield Steam & Heritage Centre, The Hub and donations from the public. Many hours were given by members in laying the extensive track.

Scenery was made from foam packing, paper mache, bird netting, expanding foam, bark etc and the marvellous scenery effects took many $2 bottles of paint to create. This has been a learning curve for all members who have put in many, many hours of time & effort. Members have also built a quarry, cement works and numerous buildings to add to the layout.

Now the members time will mainly be used improving & maintaining the layout, running their own trains, exchanging ideas (about everything) and enjoying the company of likeminded people.

In 2020 the grand plan has been achieved and the layout finished (although model railway enthusiasts would argue with that comment!)

If the model railway group appeals to you – come along – they are open every Thursday & Sunday 9am – 12noon

                                          Ring Russell for any enquiries 0476 008 531