Our Mission

The Association’s prime goals are to develop, maintain, operate and promote 

railway experiences,

 a museum display and tourist attraction in Sheffield consisting of static and mobile machinery of heritage or historic value or interest,

and promote social activities amongst members.

Sheffield Steam and Heritage

The Redwater Creek Steam and Heritage Society Inc. formed in 1993  initially with a focus on constructing the Redwater Creek Railway but always aiming for the bigger picture of preserving our working industrial age heritage.   Now trading as Sheffield Steam and Heritage Centre the group is a “not for profit” charity that is run by volunteers.   

Since 1993 the group has achieved many ambitious goals due to the voluntary input of members, friends and the community.  A few members in particular have been the mainstay behind many of the developments on site.  Today, we are no longer a volunteers’ hobby group. With the Society’s current vibrant and enthusiastic group of people committed to undertaking development we are well on the way to becoming a tourist and community asset which will deliver the following outcomes:- 

·     A business under the incorporated association which gives tourists a quality thematic and memorable experience – one which has broad appeal to both young and old.


·     Maintenance of key equipment such as a chaff cutter, threshing drum, straw press, locomotives and rolling stock in operating
condition for future generations to see working alongside the skills such as blacksmithing, fitting and machining etc. needed to maintain this equipment.


·     Attract more tourists to Sheffield and hold tourists in the area for a longer period of time.


    These outcomes are beyond any one individual but together as a community it is possible to achieve these broader aims.

We need volunteers - how you can assist us


  • Station master
  • cleaning in and around the station
  • Guard on train- Punch tickets, ensure passenger safety, talk to passengers
  • Assisting in the coffee shop or the kitchen
  • Selling railway tickets and souvenirs
  • Lawn mowing and garden maintenance around the station area
  • Locomotive & Railway Carriage cleaning & painting


  • Weed slashing around site and along railway track
  • Weed spraying on railway track, internal roads, around fences & buildings
  • Railway Track gravelling, packing & sleeper changing
  • Locomotive wood cutting and stacking.  
  • Web building and maintenance 

Contact Jill on mob 0448 631 922 if you would like to know more.