Our Projects

Peter Martin in the centre working on the Krauss circa 1972

The Krauss is a composite locomotive built from the boiler and cab of 5682 a 2-4-0 with the underframe of 5800 in 1972 by the Second River Tramway. They began collecting parts in 1962. 

 5682 operated on the Sandfly Colliery line at Margate to 1921 then to the Ida Bay Railway to 1946. 

 5800 started out on the Zeehan Tramway running up and down the main street of Zeehan. Then to the Dunkley Brothers in Zeehan in 1935 and RJ Howard in 1952 when Renison Tin Mines purchased and used it to 19

Malcolm Moore
Ruston Restoration
Hunslet Restoration - coming soon
Timber Heritage Display - coming soon
Dulverton Station - coming soon
RWC Engines - coming soon
Engines in our Shed - coming soon