Malcolm Moore Restoration

The Society purchased two Malcolm Moore Diesel cane locomotives from North Queensland in late 2010.   

The MM040 DH Moore GT 112 – DH of 1956 weighed 12 tons and was fitted with  GM 4055 CM engine.   It had  been used in the Victoria Mill in Ingham but retired from active work in 1994, when it was replaced with something bigger.   

The governor was missing, wheels badly hollowed and some parts missing from an overhaul which was not completed.  

The two Malcolm Moore engines arrive at the Redwater Creek Loco Shed.  

The better of the Malcolm Moores has been moved into the workshop where work can begin in earnest over the winter
months in 2015.  

The restored Malcolm Moore now has a fresh paint job and a new renovated roof.     He is ready for SteamFest 2021.